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Posted 3 hours ago by David Olszyk to Chaparral

Chapparall is as much as a nursery wants to charge, based on the local market.

Posted 3 hours ago by David Olszyk to nootkatensis

I recommend that you remove it. A conifer with yellow foliage that does not fall off is a dead conifer.

Posted 6 hours ago by Marianne Bjørkøe to nootkatensis

Jeg har en hængende nutca cypres i min have. Den er 3 meter høj og vel ca. 7 år gammel. I år er den blevet fuldstændig gul overalt. Den taber ikke bladene, men ser som sagt vissen ud. Hvad kan jeg gøre? Jeg har forsøgt at vande ret ihærdigt. translation: I have a hanging Nootka cypress in my…

Posted 13 hours ago by Carmen to Chaparral

how much is a 'Chapperal'

Posted 20 hours ago by David Olszyk to Green Giant

Hi Karen ... spring is the absolutely worst time to plant conifers! If you've been watering twice a day without checking if the soil is dry, you probably over-watered and drowned the root systems. If it's been that hot and humid, you've, in essence, poached them. I think that the odds of them…

Posted 21 hours ago by Karen Milligan to Green Giant

David, I purchased 4 Thuja 'Green Giant' that came in the mail, day after Memorial Day, 2021. I followed the directions about the soil, depth of the hole, mulching after I watered them. We live in northern Wisconsin which usually stays temperate. This year, however, became hot right away. 95…

Posted 1 day ago by David Olszyk to Nana Aurea

Hi Tami ... you'll do no harm by up-potting now, then waiting until fall to plant it out into the landscape. In California, this plant would probably do best with 3 hrs and 20 minutes of morning sun, then shade through the hottest part of the day. Too much shade and it'll be green; too much sun…

Posted 1 day ago by Tami Meyers to Nana Aurea

I live in Sacramento California. I purchased the shrub to plant last fall but didn't get it done. Will it be okay to plant into a larger pot until this fall and transplant to garden then or will too much transplanting stress the plant? Also, does this shrub like sun, shade or sun/shade. Our summers…

Posted 2 days ago by David Olszyk to Nana Lutea

Gina, the bark scars on the trunk will heal over time (I've seen it take several years). Any large branches that were removed won't regrow. Conifers grow from the ends of living branches only. No extra care is needed for the tree to recover.

Posted 2 days ago by Gina Jones to Nana Lutea

Within weeks of planting a deer rubbed his antlers on the trunk. The trunk was stripped bare from the rubbing and slight damage. It’s been about 8 months. The foliage looks healthy at the top and bottom where the deer did no damage. This gives me hope the trunk is healing. However there is no new…

Posted 3 days ago by David Olszyk to Vanderwolf's Pyramid

to what tree are you referring?

Posted 3 days ago by Ingo to Vanderwolf's Pyramid

Hello, at what age (approximately) was this tree planted? I live on the Olympic Peninsula and am curious about what you decided to do with this tree. I'm considering planting 3 from Monrovia.

Posted 3 days ago by David Olszyk to vietnamensis

I've had one going for several years. Since it's native to "karst limestone mountains," that would imply that it likes alkaline soil.

Posted 4 days ago by David Olszyk to Nana

this conifer is hardy to USDA Zone 6. I have no idea what you mean by "curly locks conifer."

Posted 4 days ago by Bob Shaffsick to Nana

pls advise if the "curly locks" conifer will survive a #5 zone winter?

Posted 4 days ago by Melissa to vietnamensis

I was able to get this tree. I was wondering if anyone has grown this and if it likes acidic soil?

Posted 6 days ago by David Olszyk to Ruby Teardrops

yes!! There are many differences ... They are not alike at all. 'Ruby Teardrops' grows 3 times faster' 'Hermann Naue' is squatly conical / 'Ruby Teardrops' is nest shaped, flattened spreading. 'Ruby Teardrops' has better color of foliage flush and darker young cones. 'Hermann Naue' has been known…

Posted 6 days ago by Misson Jean-Pierre to Ruby Teardrops

Hello, Is there a difference between Picea pungens 'Hermann Naue' and Picea pungens 'Ruby Teardrops' Thank you Jean-pierre Misson

Posted 7 days ago by David Olszyk to Virescens

Collen, after a little more investigation, it appears that our website is currently experiencing a cyber-attack. We believe it's based in North Korea. Things will be a little strange for a while.

Posted 8 days ago by David Olszyk to Pendula

yes. I think a trio of dwarf, globose "meatballs" would make a worthy complement for this one. There are 1000s from which to choose.

Posted 8 days ago by Louise Bashore to Pendula

Fell in Love with the look of this weeping tree. I am interested in using it in a 15 to 25-yard area that will serve as a privacy fence (trees) from the neighbors house, and would like to use this tree as the focal point... any suggestions of other evergreens/ that would compliment but not over…

Posted 8 days ago by David Olszyk to Virescens

Hi Colleen ... excellent question. There are records with no pictures because nobody has donated pictures for particular cultivars yet. Some are extremely rare to no-longer-existent in cultivation.

Posted 8 days ago by Colleen Huntsman to Virescens

why are there no pictures of conifer selections on your website? I just tried to research 12 of them with no pictures of what they look like. I am a Conifer society member.

Posted 9 days ago by David Olszyk to strobus

I don't see why not, but how does one spray a 200-foot tall tree?

Posted 9 days ago by John to strobus

Can white pine be sprayed with any type of insecticide?

Posted 9 days ago by Claudia Kelly to virginiana

While not similar to a juniper, you might want to consider a holly bush. The red berries are a plus and will attract birds to your yards. I have China Girl in my yard. She tops out at 10'.

Posted 20 days ago by David Olszyk to massoniana

did you try They have everything!

Posted 20 days ago by Connie to massoniana

Do you know where I can get the pine needle tea.

Posted 21 days ago by David Olszyk to Monmal

Hi Kellie ... a good mix for conifers is: 50% finely ground bark + 35% pumice + 15% compost ... Without seeing the plant, it's not possible to know if it needs to be up-potted yet.

Posted 21 days ago by Kellie to Monmal

Hello, I purchased a 3.58 gallon Icee Blue and would like to keep it as a container specimen. What soil do you recommend and how much should I go up on the pot size? I’m Zone 9a Roseville, CA.