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Posted 7 hours ago by Louise Westrand to PNW heat wave!!!

Does anybody have thoughts on our conifers that still look good to stay alive for the rest of the year? I lost too many conifers this summer. Watering was not enough.

Posted 1 day ago by David Olszyk to Smaragd

yes; but it will take many years.

Posted 1 day ago by Barbara to Smaragd

Does root growth cause wall or sidewalk damage when planted at least 3 feet away?

Posted 2 days ago by Don Chapman to Thuja

How tall will a green giant arborvitae get when planted in a large container ? 6 hours of sun. I just purchased 5 to screen deck in an urban area. Thanks

Posted 3 days ago by David Olszyk to Blue Surprise

congratulations, Erica ... very few have gotten a 'Blue Surprise' to stay alive so long. The splaying you describe may become known as "typical in older plants." Right now we don't know because so few specimens have gotten so large. You can try doing some light shearing to rogue branches, but…

Posted 4 days ago by Erica Epling to Blue Surprise

I have one, planted in 2000, which is now a good 15+ ft tall. A surprise indeed! It is about 4’ wide. Although I didn’t plan for this height, it is beautiful. The problem is it is starting to splay (no significant snow in our area). I tuck these limbs in but that only works temporarily. Is there…

Posted 4 days ago by David Olszyk to Horstmann

Hello Punta ... Horstmann Nursery of Schneverdingen, Germany named 100s of conifer cultivars, all with the cultivar name 'Horstmann'. It's all quite messy and confusing. As for Picea abies, Günther Horstmann named 16 of them with the cultivar names 'Horstmann no. 1' through 'Horstmann no. 16' ...…

Posted 4 days ago by Punta Arenas to Horstmann

What about Picea abies 'Horstmann' ? There is a nursery here in Punta arenas (Chilean Patagonia) owned by a German family, and they sell this fir and also a yellow form of Picea abies, but sells it as 'Cesky pine'

Posted 4 days ago by Tony Balquin to Fernspray Gold

Hello David, I just bought and planed 3 of these in my yard and was wondering if they can be trained to be more shrub like than upright. I was thinking of weighting some of branches once it gets larger. In your experience do you think it would work? BTW I love the asymmetrical growth pattern of…

Posted 4 days ago by Lawrence Geusz to densiflora

Conifer Kingdom has them. Very healthy trees and great customer service. Incredible selection of all types of conifers, maples and other deciduous trees.

Posted 5 days ago by Wolf-Peter Hornig to Blaue Zwo

Hello Where in Australia can I buy this tree?

Posted 9 days ago by Andrea Allred to flexilis

Hello I am seeking advice/info about my 'Vanderwolf's Pyarmid' pinus flexillis - in No. CA zone 9B - I planted it last December and it was doing great. It's been super hot here and I think I over watered it.?? It is turning brown/yellow-ish and I am heart-broken. What should I do?? It is now end of…

Posted 10 days ago by David Olszyk to Thuja

Hi Denise ... never spray a chemical product on anything until you're 100% certain of what you're dealing with. For example, if you're dealing with fungus, an insecticide will only kill a lot of beneficial insects and do nothing for the fungal infection.

Posted 10 days ago by Denise Stob to Thuja

We have a privacy row of Emerald Green arborvitae bushes that are over 6 feet tall at least five years old - one is getting very thin or see-through with rusty-brown branches that are unlike the normal loss of internal foliage. Many of the cones are brown & the inside branches also have a whitish…

Posted 10 days ago by David Olszyk to Green Giant

HI Anthony. Google says the optimum PH for most conifers is 5.5 ... The difference between lime-green and dark-green is a few shades of deeper color saturation in the latter. This could be a result of a different cultivar being mixed up in your batch, or that it's gotten itself established quicker.

Posted 10 days ago by Anthony Vaccariello to Green Giant

What is the preferred pH for Green Giants? I have 15 Green Giants that have a beautiful glossy lime-green foliage. One is dark green. What is the difference?

Posted 11 days ago by Beverly to Black Dragon

I have a spot in a courtyard that gets mid day and afternoon sun. I live in Dallas, TX. Will 'Black Dragon' live here? I will have irrigation.

Posted 11 days ago by David Olszyk to Glauca

dead and dry branches will never recover. If the dead bits bother you, then by all means, you should remove them.

Posted 12 days ago by Tim Stevens to Glauca

My 6’ blue Spanish fir has heat damage with several end branched and it main top trunk dried and brown. Should I prune the dead sections?

Posted 12 days ago by Michelle Kwakye to Pinus

Your work on the Pine trees are impressive. Thank you. Your website assisted me to complete my school project.

Posted 12 days ago by Scott Antrim to Oculus Draconis

Probably your best shot at locating one of the in the Carolinas would be to check with Appeldoorn Landscape Nursery in Bostic. Not exactly around the corner from you but if anyone has this tree, it will be here.

Posted 17 days ago by Sara Malone to tabuliformis

John try Bill Castellon Landscaping. If he doesn't have one, he might know where to get one. Yes, they can be sculpted, yes you can grow them in Santa Clara.

Posted 18 days ago by David Olszyk to Green Twist

Hi Lori ... dead brown new growth is dead forever. You probably did no harm in removing it unless you cut into some live material and took some dormant buds with the dead stuff. If older growth is still green, there's still a chance that it'll re-sprout next spring, but it's going to be weak for a…

Posted 18 days ago by Lori Austin to Green Twist

HI all, do wonder if my 'MIni Twists' eastern white pine has died. I planted last fall and was growing beautifully until three weeks ago. All the new growth turned brown. Well, I figured I had nothing to lose so last night I trimmed all the dead off. Not sure if I made a big mistake but having the…

Posted 19 days ago by John Lim to tabuliformis

Hi I am looking for a Chinese red pine for landscaping in my yard. Where can I get one that is about 6 feet tall ? Can it be sculptured to shape that I want ? Does it fit the climate of Santa Clara County where I live ? Thanks for any information regarding this.

Posted 19 days ago by Ronald Schlak to Thuja

Ida, 'Emerald Green' or 'Smaragd' is occidentalis. Click go there (above). Hit the drop down arrow to search thru the trinomials or cultivars; see pictures & growth rates.

Posted 20 days ago by Beth Oldham to Oculus Draconis

Love these trees! Where can I buy one? I live in Raleigh, NC. Thank you!

Posted 21 days ago by David Olszyk to Thuja

'Emerald Green' is a cultivar of arborvitae that was selected for tendency to stay green all winter instead of assuming the bronze cast that most arbs do. Growth rates are real similar.

Posted 21 days ago by Ida to Thuja

Hello. What are the major differences between emerald cedars and arborvitaes? I am looking to use either to create a small privacy wall / divider and am especially curious about the differences in size as they mature. Thanks

Posted 21 days ago by David Olszyk to Papoose

very few people prune spruces. They only grow once per year and it's really easy to mess it all up.